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We are two Sydney-siders who packed up to travel together. Our guides are curated for creative travellers—they reflect a huge love of art, history, culture and photography. We hope that these posts help you plan your routes and find the most surreal destinations.

Ling has a background in art and writing, having studied Writing and Cultural Studies and freelancing in portraiture. She has edited publications such as And Watch the Whale Explode and Vertigo Magazine. Her illustrations have been commissioned by magazines like Seizure Magazine and Meanjin Journal. She currently works in environmental and climate change law.

Jason takes most of the pictures. Photography from the blog has been featured on tourism boards and travel agencies in Morocco, Bolivia, Chile, El Calafate Tierra de Glaciares, Argentina, Peru, and closer to home for NSW National Parks. It has also been featured on a number of large travel blogs, including Passion Passport, Dame Traveler, Journeys of Girls and Women Travel.


We’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to leave a question or comment on the blog, or contact us directly with any questions.

Cereal for lunch art and travel


We don’t claim to be photographers, but all images on the site are our own (unless otherwise stated). They have been taken with Canon and Sony equipment and processed using Lightroom or Photos. Graphic design is by Yiling McGregor, and illustrations by Ling McGregor. A lot of time has gone into the imagery that you see, so please don’t republish any pictures without crediting either the url or @cereal.for.lunch on Instagram.

Cusco streets | Cereal for lunch art and travel blog


Travelling is something that we really enjoy doing together, and have always saved up for. After handing in our theses in 2018 (wrapping up years of full time work and study), we couldn’t think of anything that we’d like to do more than pack up and travel for as long as possible. Why not combine a love of writing, design, photography and publishing along the way?

Cereal for lunch art and travel

Hope you enjoy!