Liz Mij Kim: Knot Done

Liz Kim based her collection, Knot Done, on Korean traditions and imagery from the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910).


This article was originally featured in Vertigo Magazine, and has been republished with permission.

Liz Kim - Knot Done / Cereal for Lunch

Liz took inspiration from two types of jackets worn during the period: the jangot – a long and oversized coat that drapes over the head and makes the arms appear as if they extend from its sides, and jeogori – a short top jacket, often worn at a length that revealed the breasts. This iconography, based in distorted proportion and scale, formed the basis of her collection.

In this collection, Liz wanted to move away from recognisable and common interpretations of traditional Korean dress, hanbok, and instead challenge preconceptions about culture and design. She has also been motivated by a desire to explore her Korean heritage:

“Growing up within a non-Asian Australian community led to a strong rejection and neglect of my heritage. This resulted in a lack of knowledge of my own background, so I wanted to use this collection to learn more about the rich culture of my homeland.”

Liz used studio drapes to deconstruct and reinterpret pre-existing garments, challenging the conventional placement of clothing. The drapes were then manipulated in Photoshop, and collaged over templates of figures. The resulting pieces are oversized, abstract, and asymmetrical.

Consistent with practices during the Joseon Dynasty, all materials in the collection are made of natural fibres. Replicating historical class structures and symbols, Liz predominantly worked with hessian to represent commoners, and silk organzas to symbolise the royal class. She also incorporated linen, cotton, hemp and wool. Wool yarn was used for all hand-embroidered segments (finished with the help of friends over many hours), and fabrics were hand-coloured by Liz with natural dyes. To create the textures in each piece, she mixed weaving, embroidery, French knots, puff paint, distressing, and fraying.

This collection was displayed as part of the National Graduate Showcase at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, and has been featured in publications such as Fashion Journal and Manuscript.
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