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If you are travelling by public transport, rest assured that Italy is very well-connected. Trains are often the most convenient option, and can get you from from Florence to La Spezia in 2.5 hours, or from Rome to Naples in just over an hour.

You can find buses around Italy through FlixBus, and both train and bus options on Trainline (click through for timetables and tickets).

While public transport in Italy is very comfortable, be aware that it often runs late. The board on train stations and bus stops will always advise of the destinazione (destination), binario (track), and ritardo (delay).

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If you are travelling with a Eurail Pass, you’ll be covered for all train tickets in Italy. The pass does not include fares on subway/metro lines, trams or buses.

While the pass covers the cost of the ticket, some journeys also require seat reservations, which have an additional fee. Italy is one of the few European countries that allows you to make seat reservations online or through the Eurail app. There is a 1 euro booking fee on all reservations, and they typically cost 10 euros per seat (higher in comparison to other countries).

If you’re travelling on a budget, opt for earlier morning or late evening trains, which can cost around 3 euros for seat reservations. Otherwise, filter by routes which don’t require reservations at all.

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