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If Slovenia is not yet on The List, it damn well needs to be. It is an idyllic country, and remains one of our favourite destinations after two visits.


Slovenia is home to magnificent scenery, baroque facades, caves and castles. Against the mountains and gorges of the Julian Alps, you can cycle, raft, taboggan, canyon or ski in the national parks, or spend summer afternoons by the serene lakes in Bled and Bohinj. It may be one of Europe’s smaller countries, but it has the highest ski jump centre and the longest and fastest zip line descent in the world (reaching up to 85km in seconds). Slovenia’s Adriatic coast is also lined by scenic port towns, which can be followed along the sea toward Italy or Croatia.





Summer (June - August) is the driest season on the Mediterranean coast, and the hot weather and clear skies are perfect for many of Slovenia’s outdoor attractions. Free shuttle services are helpful in some areas during this season. However, summer is also the peak time for tourists visiting Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj and Piran, which become extremely busy and crowded.

Just outside of the high season, autumn (September - November) is ideal to visit. Particularly in the earlier months, it is still warm enough to swim but not too hot to hike. The prices of accommodation are generally lower across the country during this period.

Slovenia is also magic in winter, with snow on the lakes, popular ski fields in the Alps, and Christmas markets in the cities. However, keep in mind that some attractions and hiking trails may close during the winter months from November/December to February.

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