Finding 150 huskies at Siberianos de Fuego, Ushuaia

Travellers with Siberian huskies in Ushuaia

Villa Las Cotorras

While we were in Ushuaia, we drove along a scenic and mountainous route towards Las Cotorras, which is located around half an hour from the city. At the base of the valley sits Siberianos de Fuego, a large kennel of Siberian huskies.

Ushuaia is located in the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina, which translates to the ‘land of fire’. The ‘Siberians of fire’ are 150 excitable Siberian huskies, cared for and trained by Leandro, Hugo and Nahuel Flores.

Their cabin is a great place to visit (especially in the colder months) to learn more about the history behind the huskies and the wider area, and to have the unique experience of sledding across the surrounding parkland. Although intending on just a short visit, we ended up spending an entire afternoon here with the dogs and their puppies.

The best time to visit the huskies

The best time to visit Siberianos de Fuego is in August. Just after the coldest winter period, the area is covered in snow and the dogs run sleighs across a 2km track through the parklands. In general, though, the warmer months (December - February) are a more comfortable and popular time for travellers to Ushuaia. We went in early December; during this time the sledding route is unfortunately less impressive without the snow, however the same circuit can be taken in a small cart, and all of the dogs can still be visited at the kennels at any time of the year.

Husky at Siberianos de Fuego, Ushuaia Argentina
Husky at Siberianos de Fuego, Ushuaia Argentina

Entry fee to Siberianos de Fuego

Entry to Siberianos de Fuego is 150 Argentinian pesos ($6 AUD), including a hot drink in the cabin. Sled rides are 700 Argentian pesos per person ($25 AUD).

Opening hours: 10.30am - 4.30pm (every day)
Address: km 3016, Ruta N 3, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Contact: +54 2901 49-5199 or on Facebook

Mountains of Ushuaia

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